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Word Templates for Office Stationery

A typical set of stationery templates might include a letter, fax, memo, agenda, minutes and compliments slip.

Letter Template

Word templates

Startup Dialog

Office and Electronic Header

Select from a list of company offices and choose whether to print the company logo, address and footer for this office on the page. Useful if you want to create a PDF of the letter for emailing as an attachment or to print on to plain paper.


Manually enter the contact details of the recipient or click an Outlook Contact button to access the Microsoft Outlook address book.


Store the name, postion and other contact details of the sender to use as the default for the next letter or stationery template.


Default the date to the current date. Choose a closing (valediction) line.

Toolbar or Ribbon Customisation

Word ribbon customisation

Add a button to a custom toolbar or customise the ribbon.

Creating Word templates requires not only an intimate knowledge of Word but also the ability to programme in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Using our extensive experience, we could produce a template like the one above in less than one day. Even in a small company, the template would pay for itself very quickly.